October 21, 2010

Color in the Neighborhood

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(Previously posted on April 5, 2009. Why the re-posts? iWeb ate my original blog and these posts need a warm, dry place to take shelter.)

I was pleasantly surprised upon opening up the latest issue of Stir magazine {Volume 6 Issue 1 2009}, put out by Sherwin Williams paint company. On page four, there is a feature on...drum roll, please... a newly developed neighborhood in Indiana with loads of color! And not just muted “earth” tones, but pure, clean, saturated, happy colors.

The developer of the "South Dunn Street" project, Matt Press, explains that the homes offer “the alternative to beige, vinyl-clad suburbia.” His inspiration was taken from Scandinavian architecture which uses brightly colored hues to uplift the human spirit even during the drab grey winter season. Not only do the colors in the neighborhood create a cheery environment, they also give homeowners the opportunity to express their individuality. The architects offer some color suggestions, but ultimately, homeowners are able to select their own colors, and there are no color restrictions. I wish more developers would take this approach to new residential design.

Now, take a look at this home from a northern California city that shall remain nameless.

Talk about depressing. And it’s not just because of the weather. Surprisingly, this “neutral” beige-y color, which is so popular with homeowners and builders, is anything but neutral. It certainly evokes emotions I don’t want to feel every time I pull into the driveway. There is nothing soothing and inviting about it. Rather it picks up the grey of the day and sucks the life out of anyone and anything. At least the owners color-coordinated their car with their home so they don’t draw too much
attention to themselves... 

So, how do you feel about the neighborhood in Indiana? Where would you rather live?

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